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Friday 12th February

Today is 'Screen Free Friday' here at Allesley.  Here are the activities we would like you to do for your home learning today.



Today's task is to write a letter to somebody you care about to brighten up their day.


Try to include the features of an informal letter which we have been learning about (sender's address, date, informal greeting, introduction, detailed paragraphs and informal ending) and also some of the writing skills we have been practising (co-ordinating conjunctions to add detail - FANBOYS; fronted adverbials and -ing verbs to start sentences; powerful adjectives and verbs and expanded noun phrases to make our writing more exciting).

After English, choose a non-screen activity from the list below: 


1. Learn how to tell the time - If you aren't sure.
2. Learn how how to cook some lovely meals.
3. Write a story.
4. Read as many books or magazines as you can.
5. Tidy your bedroom. 
6. Make something from recycled materials 
7. Keep fit! Set up a fitness circuit in your home or garden. (squats, press ups, burpees)   
8. Take up a new hobby( draw, colour, knit, paint).
9. Do a STEM challenge ( build a tower, boat, bridge) out of random materials around the house.

10. Make a card for someone who you think would appreciate it.