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Friday 12th February

Today is all about Chinese New Year as it is Chinese New Year today! We hope you have fun choosing lots of learning and activities.


We are having a no screen day today across school.




Your challenge today is to draw the animal which represents the year you were born and label it. You will need to ask an adult for some help. Can you write a sentence?

I was born in the year of the……


Miss Dunn was born in the year of the dragon. Mrs Sanderson was born in the year of the horse and Mrs Sharp was born in the year of the snake.



Ordinal numbers- can you draw the animals in your maths book and write whether they came 1st,2nd 3rd etc.

Really focussing on st nd rd th if it’s an ordinal number.


Chinese New Year- Please choose an activity/some activities to complete from the ideas list linked to Chinese New Year in the star. We hope you have lots of fun!