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Friday 12th February


Screen Free Friday

Friday is here Year 4, we have almost completed half a term of home learning! Keep on trying your best today and we hope you and your families have a lovely half term break together.


Today is 'Screen Free Friday' here at Allesley.  Here are the activities we would like you to do for your home learning today.  Remember to also spend some time enjoying a book today, too!


Today's task is to write a letter to somebody you care about to brighten up their day.


Try to include the features of an informal letter which we have been learning about (sender's address, date, informal greeting, introduction, detailed paragraphs and informal ending) and also some of the writing skills we have been practising (co-ordinating conjunctions to add detail - FANBOYS; fronted adverbials and -ing verbs to start sentences; powerful adjectives and verbs and expanded noun phrases to make our writing more exciting).



Today we would like you to design and make your own board game to help you practise all the maths fluency skills that we have been learning. Make sure you include lots of maths questions such as times tables, division facts, addition and subtraction facts, doubling and halving, number bonds etc.  Be as creative as you like and don't forget to send us some pictures of your completed creations. Have Fun!


It's time for our final attempt of the half term at Miss Keay's and Mr Kates' fantastic P.E. challenge!  See if you can achieve your best ever score today!


We would like you to create a French 'matching pairs' game for the numbers 0 - 10. Make your own set of cards with the digits 1 - 10 on one half and the French spellings for each number on the other half. When you are done, you can play your game by placing all the cards face down and seeing if you can find the matching pairs. Have fun and don't forget to send us some pictures of you playing your super games!