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Please use today to have a go at the reading and spelling of any 100 HFW’s you find tricky. We will be going over these again when you come back to school.




Today we are creating our own characters to write a story based on the 3 Little Pigs. You will need to choose 3 good characters e.g. wise monkeys, little bunnies, green dragons etc.

You will also need to choose a bad character e.g. big bad lion, shark etc.

We will be using these characters to write our own stories next week.

Please watch he video below:

Please watch the video and complete todays task under the star on the web page.


Have a go at the MyMaths challenges set for this week.


Numbots challenges- you now have your login


Week 2 of Mr Kates and Miss Keay’s P.E challenge based on balancing which is an important skill for us in Year 1 for this half term. Please watch the video below.



You could also choose a cosmic yoga to complete. Look at the link below or a Joe Wicks (see the bottom of the page).