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Friday 22nd January

Wahoooo! Friday is here Year 6, so give yourselves that last little push to the finishing line and you'll be there! laugh

Try your best today and we hope you and your families enjoy the weekend. We are looking forward to another week already! yes

Don't forget to get in touch for the second time if you haven't yet.smiley


Today you have three tasks for throughout the morning: a quick skill-bust ( see first PowerPoint); a plan session for your own survivor's story (see second link) and thirdly, you should begin your story in the style of David Long ( see 3rd PDF) . You will continue and finish your story on Monday afternoon, so aim for half to be complete today. 



Have another go at the P.E challenge this week. Remember that we are recording our scores each week to find a personal best!

We may also use these results in our maths too! wink