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Friday 5th February

Wahoooo!! We've reached another Friday Year 6! Can you believe we have finished our fifth week of remote learning?

We are so proud of you all for working so hard, keeping in touch and staying positive through this unusual time.laughheart

We hope you enjoy today's learning - don't forget to email if you haven't yet.

Have a super weekend everyone and we look forward to hearing from you all next week.smiley


Use the video below to recap the skills we have looked t for writing instructions and a closer look at the layout you might want to use.

Once you have watched this, please use the rest of the morning to write your set of instructions for your very own survival shelter.   Remember all the skills you need to include, the correct about and use your notes from yesterday when you had  go at building your own shelter.

Have fun! smiley


Have another go at the P.E challenge this week. Remember that we are recording our scores each week to find a personal best!

We may also use these results in our maths too!