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Friday 5th March

Yipee!!! We did it everyone - 8 weeks of learning from home and we are on our final day!

You have all been amazing and we are so very proud of you for working so hard. Well done to you all.

We know it hasn't always been easy and that it's definitely not the same as your lessons in school, but you (and your parents) have tried so hard to make this work with us. Thank you!smiley

We can't wait to see all of your smiling faces back in school on Monday. Seeing each other is so important and we are sure you have missed each other as much as we have missed you! Don't worry if you feel a bit funny, we know it might be a bit strange getting up and ready that first morning, but we are sure it will all feel normal again after a full day in school.

No pj's, dressing gowns or slippers please haha!! winklaugh

Have a great last day at home, work hard and we look forward to welcoming you on Monday.

Love from all the Year 6 teachers x

English first session

English session 2

Your task is to write your Varmints style story from your plan. It is a short tale - not lots of sentences, but powerful ones as in the skills buster's session yesterday. Perhaps you will want to do your pictures to go with it in a little booklet or on a PowerPoint - it is up to you!