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Friday 9th


Please revise the sound u-e as in cube.

Make a list of all the u-e words and keep them in your bedroom to read each day.



See video:



There are 2 tasks today:


P.E (recap of last week)


Do you have a ball or a bean bag or something you can throw and catch?


If you can go outside try throwing it up only a tiny way and see how  many times you can catch it without dropping it. Keep your eyes on it and your hands open and wide, little fingers together -like a bowl (like the cricket coach showed us.)

See if you can throw it a little higher – can you still catch it. Can your grown up throw it to you –can you catch it? How far away can they go and you still catch it? Can you drop catch it, or bounce and catch it? If it isn’t bouncy maybe your grown up could drop it and you try and catch it before it hits the grown. Practise your catching skill and have fun!