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Growth Mindset

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What is Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset is a concept that changes the way that we see things and improves the way we react to challenges. This successful idea (created by Professor Carol Dweck) not only develops the way we learn, but also guides us to be the best we can possibly be and makes us strive to reach our maximum potential. Growth Mindset helps our brain to broaden and helps us to tackle any obstacles that obstruct us from reaching for the stars while preventing us from having a fixed mindset!

What a Growth Mindset is at Allesley Primary school:

At Allesley Primary school, Growth Mindset is highly celebrated. All the children here learn to accept and embrace challenge because we all know that mistakes are proof we are trying. Growth Mindset is practically the ‘golden thread’ to our assemblies due to the fact we learn to sing inspirational songs (such as Reach for the stars) and we receive achievement certificates for our perseverance and resilience. When you walk through the doors of our school, you will be embraced by our positivity and Growth Mindset approach. We encourage each other to be conscientious and diligent so we can feel confident and never give up with any challenges we may face. This is why we are proud to be a Growth Mindset school.

By Eva Dhand, Year 6