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Monday 1st March

Happy Monday Year 4! We are at the start of another brand new week and are another step closer to us all being back together again!  Here are the resources you need for each of your lessons today. Don't forget to also spend some time on TT Rockstars and do some reading today.

Get Spelling

This week, we are learning to spell words containing the prefixes: irr-, im-, ill-, mis-, dis-, un-


The spellings to practise at home are: 

irrelevant, irregular, irresistible, irresponsible, impractical, illogical, illegible, misspell, disagree, unfair 


If you are in Mrs Underwood or Mrs Todd's spelling group, your spellings are to practise the next 10 high frequency words:

down, now, Mrs, on, this, dad, came, called, she, have


Keep practising and Good Luck!

Guided Reading

Arithmetic Quiz

The answers are given on the final page.  When you have finished the arithmetic quiz, please check all your answers carefully and then use the mark sheet to mark your own quiz.  Good Luck!

Maths Mind Reader Monday


Click on the following link to access the final episode of Mrs Briggs' Maths Mind Reader Monday. This week the children have taken over, so we really hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to email your answer to your teacher on their class email address.




Today we will be drawing and decorating our own Welsh Dragons, in celebration of St David's Day.


There are two teaching videos below and you are free to choose the one that you prefer to help you to draw your dragon outline.  Once you have finished your outline, you can select your own technique to decorate your dragon - some of you really enjoyed the Pointillism technique we were investigating last week and may choose to have another go at that, or you may choose to use collaging, sketching techniques, paint or crayons. Feel free to be as creative as you like and please remember to email some of your marvellous creations to us so that we can share your wonderful artwork!  Have Fun Year 4!