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Here is a teaching video to launch this week's spelling rule.


Science is a writing up lesson today.  If pupils were in school we would deliver this lesson in the morning in place of English and deliver the English in the afternoon (as there is less recording for English today).


This lesson is dependent on pupils having followed last Monday's lesson through and having been in the garden or on a walk to identify minibeasts and microhabitats.  If pupils have yet to do this they will need to complete today's lesson later in the week.


There is a powerpoint below and a link to a video of a model write up.   Pupils can record into their English lined books or print and use the word document.



For your English today please access this video on stream.  You can access this by clicking on the link here (and using your Microsoft 365 sign in) or we have emailed the link direct to your Microsoft 365 account.


You can use the sheet below to complete today's task, use plain paper or write straight into your home learning English book.




For Maths, there is a video to watch - it is important you watch the video FIRST (pausing it for thinking time or between questions if asked to) - and there is also a link to some questions for you to complete independently (or with support if needed).


We expect everybody to attempt page 1 of the Maths questions each day - the subsequent pages get trickier, so complete these if you would like to challenge yourselves, but if you are struggling then just focus on page 1. 



Maths teaching video link