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Use this link to watch a teaching video introducing this week's spelling rule.



World Book Day 2021 falls on Thursday this week so we will be doing lots of lovely book related activities on this day.  We are going to use World Book Day as a focus for our English all week reading stories, finding out about, and getting ideas to try out from the author Tom Fletcher.   Have you heard of him?  Watch today's stream to see a book of his before writing a book review.


Once you have watched it, you might want to mute the volume and then practise reading along and doing some actions yourself.



For Maths, there is a video to watch - it is important you watch the video FIRST (pausing it for thinking time or between questions if asked to) - and there is also a link to some questions for you to complete independently (or with support if needed).


We expect everybody to attempt page 1 of the Maths questions each day - the subsequent pages get trickier, so complete these if you would like to challenge yourselves, but if you are struggling then just focus on page 1.


There is also an extra challenge if you are feeling confident!


Follow this video link for today's teaching.


Aut2.8.1 - Add two 2-digit numbers - not crossing 10 on Vimeo



Use this link for today's Science work on Ocean Habitats before also watching the three clips linked below.  You can record on the sheet here or record straight into your books.


Ocean Habitat


Animals that live in the Sea


How Fish are Adapted