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Nursery PSHE Coverage Autumn 2


Keeping Myself Safe

Protective Behaviours Lesson 1

Feeling Safe


  • Talk about and show how they feel
  • Know when they feel safe
  • Know when they feel happy

Protective Behaviours Lesson 2

Feeling Unsafe


  • Know when they don’t feel safe
  • Recognize where early warning signs are in my body
  • Know it’s important to tell an adult when they don’t feel safe


Protective Behaviours Lesson 3

Body Awareness


  • Name all the parts of their body including parts which are private - penis, vulva, vagina, anus, bottom, breast, nipples
  • Know to tell someone if they don’t like the way someone touches them


Protective Behaviours Lesson 4

Networks and Telling


  • Say when they need help and know who to ask
  • Understand that if they are worried about something they can talk to a trusted adult


People Who Help to Keep Me Safe


  • Name key relatives/care givers at home and those who care for them in their education settings
  • Recognise a 'funny tummy' feeling when something feels wrong or unsafe and say what to do
  • Talk about what makes them feel safe
  • Explain what they should do if they feel unsafe


Safety Indoors and Outdoors


  • Recognise potential dangers and how to stay safe, inside and outside


What’s Safe to Go into My Body


  • Know which products in the home are to be used only by adults
  • Sort items according to their use and purpose
  • Learn the importance of keeping safe around medicines and unknown products
  • Explain who can give medicine to children and why