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Nursery children's message

Wow, well done Nursery children and parents what a fantastic photo. I loved looking at all your beautiful smiling faces, it brought a tear to my eye! We miss you so much but glad to see you're all staying safe and having fun!

Love all your teachers in Nursery  heartblush

July 13th

Hello all I hope you are all well. It's nearly the Summer holidays although it's probably felt a bit like the holidays for awhile now! I hope you were able to see the video of me reading Commotion in the Ocean? It was a bit strange doing it for a video and not to all your lovely faces. I've got another one for you this week. I our Oak learning there's a story about being kind and then activities about floating and sinking, colour mixing and measuring. I hope you enjoy them. We can't wait to see you all in September. Take care and be good I know you will.

Love Mrs O'Grady and the Nursery team. Xx smileyheart

July 6th

Hi children I hope you are all ok? I spoke to lots of your parents last week which was lovely. I've taken a photo of our beanstalk as we now have a bean growing on it which I can eat for my dinner! I've some more lessons for you this week about feelings and space and some more maths lessons. Take care and we miss you lots.


Mrs O'Grady and the Nursery team blushheart Xx


June 29th

Hi children how are you all? It's very windy today so dont get blown over! It was good to speak to some of your parents last week and I shall be ringing some more this week. The lessons this week are about being an engineer and there's a story we know called Peace at Last. The maths lessons are about adding and subtracting. Be good and we miss you lots.

Mrs O'Grady and the Nursery team,Xxheart

June 22nd

Hi children how are you all? I've a few more lessons from Oak learning there's a story about a bus and one about a fidgety fish! Then there's some nice activities about under the sea. Maths this week is all about doubling and halving. I will be giving you a quick phone call either this week or next week so listen out for that. Keep safe and happy it's going to be hot and sunny this week, so enjoy being outside.blush We miss you lots and lots.

Love Mrs O'Grady and the Nursery team.Xx heart

June 17th

Hi parents

I've been looking at some phonics material and have added some links for Phonics Phase 2 which is all about learning the letter sounds and shapes - satpin, mdgock, eurhbfl and the double sounds ck ff ll ss. I've put on some links to some web pages. One is Letters and Sounds Phase 2 and the other is a Jolly Phonics video. When teaching Phonics phase 2 in  Nursery we follow the Letters and Sounds order but use Jolly Phonics to enable the children to have an action to go with each sound which helps them to remember it. There is quite a bit of information on you tube and also on twinkl if you have subscribed to twinkl (remember it is free at the moment). Once again this is only if you feel your child is ready for this or you would find it useful, there is no pressure.

I shall be in school next week so will be making another round of phone calls to you. Look forward to speaking to you soon and take care.

Thanks Mrs O'Grady

June 15th

Hi Nursery children how are you all? It's been a bit rainy lately but I think this week will be sunnier so hopefully you can be outside a bit more. Did you do any of last weeks lessons, if you did email me some photos or of anything else you've been doing I love to see them. This weeks lessons have got some good ones about food and I know we all like to eat nice things!

Take care and be good

Love all your Nursery teachers.xsmileyheart

June 8th

Hi children I hope you are all fine and happy? I've some more lessons for you from Oak learning and this week there is the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. I've added another photo of our beanstalk which is growing well in my garden, it now measures 93cm and is as tall as my waist. There aren't any beans growing yet though! Did you do any of the lessons from last week? I particularly enjoyed the lessons about Habitats and the Rainforest. Let me know what you enjoyed.


Love Mrs O'Grady and the Nursery team. coolheart


June 1st

Hi I hope you had a lovely week last week in the sunshine, I'm sure you did. Here are some more links to the Oak National Academy lessons. Remember they're only there if you want to do them. Take care and stay safe, we miss you lots.

Nursery team

May 18th

Hi Nursery children and families, I hope you are all well. It's been great to catch up with you by phone call these last 2 weeks. If I haven't managed to speak to you I will try again this week. Keep sending in your photos of what you've been doing, we love to see them.

Our beanstalk is growing well it measures 61cm now. Still not tall enough for me to climb yet!

Here is a photo.


Here are some more links for the Oak National Academy lessons if you want to do some (remember no pressure or obligation go with your child's needs/wants.) Take care.

Nursery team. smileyheart

May 11th

Hello, I hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend and celebrated V.E day some how? It's been good to catch up with some of you by telephone call last week and hear you're all well. If I didn't speak to you last week I'll be ringing this week (if it says no caller id it could be me). I have some more links for you for Oak National Academy lessons if you feel like doing some. Don't forget to email your photos to it's been lovely to see what you've been up to. Stay safe and hopefully see you soon.

Mrs O'Grady and the Nursery team.X

May 6th

May 4th


Hello Nursery children and Parents

I hope you are all well and managing to mainly stay inside! We all miss you and look forward to seeing you all again at Nursery. Some of you have emailed some lovely photos showing all the great things you have been doing which has been really good to see. If you do email the nursery account, I will reply to you.

I have started to write my reports and have been gardening, reading, baking, cooking, eating and exercising. I’ve attached some photos of our Nursery beanstalk which I planted in my garden (not quite tall enough to climb yet) and some sunflowers I have grown from seed and now planted out.

The first photo is our Nursery beanstalk and the second photo is the sunflowers I'm growing.

I wondered if you found any of the links and suggestions for activities useful?

I have added a link to Oak National Academy with some Literacy lessons on if you feel you need them, it is entirely up to you, don’t feel you have to.

Parents if you have anything you’d like to ask me feel free to email me at the Nursery account.

Stay safe, we miss you lots.

Mrs O’Grady and the Nursery team.x