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Reception PSHE Coverage Autumn 1

Me and My Relationships


All about me


  • Talk about their own interests.
  • Talk about their families.
  • Talk about how they are the same or different to others.



What makes me special


  • Share their favourite interests and objects.
  • Talk about themselves positively.
  • Listen to what others say and respond.



Me and my special people


  • Talk about the important people in their lives.
  • Understand that we have different special people.
  • Name key people outside of families that care for them.



Who can help me?


  • Talk about when they might feel unsafe or unhappy.
  • Name the people who will help them.
  • Notice when a friend is in need at school and help them.



My feelings


  • Describe different emotions.
  • Explore how we feel at certain times or events.
  • Identify ways to change feelings and calm down.



My feelings 2


  • Identify events that can make a person feel sad.
  • Suggest ways in which they can help a friend who is sad.
  • Choose ways to help themselves when they feel sad.