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Thursday 11th February


See the video below for today’s game:



Today’s lesson is based around our R.E theme of celebrations. We have looked at lots of celebrations already this year but we are focussing on Chinese New Year as it is tomorrow.

Please watch the video of the story below:


Can you write a sentence for the beginning, middle and end of the story? You can write more if you would like to.


Please watch the videos about Chinese New Year:


Can you have a try at the quiz?

Please watch the video and complete todays task under the star on the web page.

Chinese New Year- Please choose an activity/some activities to complete from the ideas list linked to Chinese New Year in Friday's star. We hope you have lots of fun!




If you would like to have a go at some drawing as an extra challenge, there is a link below with some fun pictures you could practise-

This week is a dragon linked to Chinese New Year. He looks different from the Chinese New Year dragon though.