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Thursday 14th January

Happy Thursday Year 6! 

You're all doing so well and we are very proud of how hard you are working. 

One day to go...

Thursday session 1 - Writing skills challenge

Take a look at this week's writing challenges. Read carefully and practise the skills in your books. 

Remember...try your best with the 'chilli challenges', but don't worry if the third one is too tricky for you. As long as you try your best.


Thursday session 2 - Reading comprehension


Take a look at the science task today - have fun and we'd love to see some photos!

Next week there will be a KS2 science challenge where you can keep practising your scientific skills. You will need some paper or card, sticky tape and plastic milk bottles ( either one size or varying sizes) If you only have one bottle, that is ok. If you have glass milk bottles, try to find another plastic bottle or two - maybe a shampoo bottle or sauce bottle , milk containers, however, milk bottles do work best of all.