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Thursday 18th March 2021

Here are the resources you need for each of your lessons today. Don't forget to also spend some time on TT Rockstars and do some reading today.


Rainbow spelling. Write each word over and over again using different colours.


discussion           permission        confusion          impression      submission

admission           possession         progression      depression      transmission


Green Challenge Question:

How does the food chain always begin?

Can you give an example?

Growth Mindset 

To start off today, there is an introduction to Growth Mindset video for you to watch. Once you done this, then watch the 2 videos below called 'The Magic Word - the power of yet' and 'A Little Spot of Perseverance'.


The pieces of work that you complete for your Growth Mindset lesson, are going to be put on our classroom display so make sure you take your time with them and make them look nice and presentable.

The resource below shows the template for each activity, feel free to draw them out in your books or on a separate piece of paper.