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  • Take a look at the World Book Day icon by clicking on Class Pages on our school website for lots of fun-filled book related activities. Play the game ‘The Masked Reader’. See if you can work out the identity of all of the ‘Masked Readers’ by using the clues to help you. Did you get any right?


Click on the Early Years Page on the World Book Day website below for lots of exciting things to do!


  • Have a go at drawing and writing about your favourite story. You may wish to draw or paint the front cover or your favourite characters or part of the story and write about why it’s your favourite. Alternatively, you may wish to design your own book cover or even a new book with your own characters, title and illustrations! We can’t wait to see them!


  • Make a ‘Book in a Box’ of a scene from your favourite book. If you have a box at home you may wish to make a story scene inside your box! Use as many different materials as you can, be creative and have fun! There are ideas to give you some inspiration on our Reception class page and on the World Book Day icon. Send a photograph of your competition entry to the following email address:



  • Share lots of your favourite stories with your grown-ups or siblings at home. Talk about your favourite stories and characters and the reasons why they are your favourites. You may wish to listen again to the stories we have recorded during school closure. Click on the star on our Reception class page to enjoy hearing the stories.