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Happy World Book Day!  Today we will be continuing our author focus on Tom Fletcher in our English and there are also lots of lovely world book day activities for you to have a go at throughout the day!   We hope you enjoy them! laugh


On the main Allesley Primary website page, next to the icon for Mrs Hoey's assemblies, you will find a World Book Day week icon.  Have a look here to find out about a World Book Day competition and have a go at a masked reader quiz! 


If you have any World Book Day work you're proud of you can send it to us as usual and/or to the school World Book Day email address.


Here is a funny song about World Book Day.



Over today and Friday's English lessons we are going to use our plans made on Wednesday to write up our own 'There's a __________ in your book!' stories.


Watch this stream video to show you how to get started.  Take your time with your presentation and illustrations working up to page 8, before completing the task on Friday.





The theme of World Book Day 2021 is favourite characters so use the sheet below or work directly in your books to tell us all about your favourite character from a book.



Why don't you make a model of your favourite character?  You can use anything you like - playdough, junk modelling, lego, sticklebricks or anything else you can think of!  We would love to see your photos!  


Take some time to curl up with your favourite book.  It might be fiction or non-fiction!  Perhaps you could make yourself a cosy den or even make a 'reading snack plate' to enjoy

whilst you relax with your book.



Why not print and decorate your own book marks. 


You could design your own of course!





Enjoy listening to some audio books on the World Book Day website!