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Thursday 21st January

Happy Thursday everyone! We hope you are all enjoying your learning from home and that the videos and recordings are helping. Thank you for trying your very best and for being patient with us smiley

We hope you manage to get some time outdoors for a break - if storm Christoph allows you to!  wink

English writing - based on survivors 

Keep listening to the stories under the book icon (under week beginning 18.1.21) This will help you with your style.

Reading comprehension - independent task

Take a look at this task based on the snowboarder Eric LeMarque from David Long's 'Survivors'. Try to remember the skills you were shown in yesterday's session and answer fully where your can.

Use the video link first which explains the task then open the PowerPoint to begin your task. smiley

(Answers are provided at the end of the PowerPoint)

Please use the PowerPoint below to complete your reading task for today.