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Thursday 25th February


It's your last day to practice your spellings, ready for the test tomorrow! So, have one last go at learning them - and learning their meanings!! 

Hi Year 5.

Again, today in Maths, I have left the original lesson up for those of you who are understanding it.  However, I know a lot of you are struggling and have not yet embedded some of the basic fraction 'stuff', so I have included a My Maths lesson on Equivalent fractions - something that lots of you  are still finding difficult.

Have a go at this and the worksheet on Equivalent fractions, if you are not quite ready to do the White Rose Maths lesson.

And don't worry - we will all catch up!! wink

Equivalent Fractions. Have a go at finding the equivalent fractions on the attached sheets.

PE Challenge with Mr Kates - print off this sheet and fill it in each week, with your scores. Watch the video first, before getting going!

RE - To investigate Jesus' teaching about generosity and greed

Story of Luke - to support RE lesson