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Thursday 28th January

Hooray it's Thursday everyone! Almost done for another week! 

We hope you all managed to have some fun in the snow this week - before the rain arrived! 

These next two days are English focused as usual and we know you start to get tired towards the end of the week, but it's still really important to give it your very best and try to send us an example of your work please. Writing can be tricky as you really have to use your imaginations, but we are always here if you want to ask us anything.

We hope you are all enjoying our new book - Hatchet. 


You must have listened to or read chapter 2 of Hatchet before you can begin this work.

Use the video below to complete your first writing task.


Use the video link below to complete your independent reading task based on Brian from Hatchet.


Have a go at the 'hoop glider' science challenge this week. Don't forget to record your results and test more than once.