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Thursday 4th March

Hi Year 6! Well not long left until we are all back together now, so try your very best today and work hard. We can't wait to see your super work when you return to school next week and remember just how proud we are of you!

Today is World Book Day, so we will have some ‘booky’ things for you to do this afternoon. (Science will be tomorrow instead)
Try to find some time to read or share a book and don’t forget our super ‘Book in a box’ competition and Masked Reader.

Go to the World Book Day icon on the class pages to find out more as well as lots of other interesting things! 

Cross curricular work - read/ science/ creativity!

pdf of skills needed for varmints

World Book Day

Please have a super 'booky' afternoon reading, sharing a story or accessing one of the following ideas below.

You could use your time to create your 'Book in a Box' entry or access the virtual library.


Have fun and read, read, read! 

Link to the official World Book Day website which is full of resources and activities for you to search through!