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Tuesday 12th January

Area of a Compound shape worksheet


This week we are going to look at gravity and practise our skills of repeating tests for reliable results. You will see a video link below to follow for the session and a PDF for you to access the worksheets. Gravity is amazing. Even though many believe there is no gravity on the moon, or on different planets, there is, but in differing amounts. If there was no gravitational pull from the sun, we would not stay in orbit. Amazing isn't it? Haver fun with this science whether you are at home or at school.

Next week there will be a KS2 science challenge where you can keep practising your scientific skills. You will need some paper or card, sticky tape and plastic milk bottles ( either one size or varying sizes. If you only have one bottle, that is ok. If you have glass milk bottles, try to find another plastic bottle or two - maybe a shampoo bottle or sauce bottle , milk containers, however, do work best of all.

Scroll down and find the the session - Does gravity exist 

Click play and watch the video to complement the PDF attached.