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Today’s sound is “ay”




The following English lessons are linked to Traditional Tales. Please watch the video below-


Please watch the video and complete todays task under the star on the web page (first part of sheet).



Have a go at the MyMaths challenges set for this week.


Numbots challenges- you now have your login

Theme- Art

This week, Mrs Dhand and Mrs Todd have launched a wonderful new Art Challenge for the whole school. We would like you to create your own flag to represent you and your families as a way of celebrating and bringing together the different cultures we have here at Allesley. You can use any materials you like and your flag can be any size you like, so feel free to get creative! We would love to see them so please send us some pictures and then when we are all back in school together again, we would like you to bring your flags back to school with you so that we can create a brand new display.


Watch the lesson video below for some inspiration, have lots of fun! You will need to be logged into your Office 365 account to watch the video.