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Tuesday 23rd February

Happy Tuesday Year 6. Keep up the good work. We're another step closer to being safely back at school. Remember to keep doing your very best we are all very proud of you! 

Early Morning Work

Maths Session 1

If you feel confident with these areas of Maths please have a go at the Maths challenges set for today.

Maths Session 2

Decimal Quiz - What have you learnt?

Now that we have covered a whole unit on decimals, have a go at the quiz below to see how much you have learnt. When complete, mark your work using the answer sheet and take a photo of it to send to your class teacher.


This week we are beginning our new theme - River Deep, Mountain High.

Use the teaching video below, take a look at an introduction to the various types of mountains and complete your task into your theme books.

Use these slides if you need a recap after watching the video
Here is an example of the mountain types chart for you to copy.