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Wednesday 13th January

Morning tasks.


SPELLINGS - don't forget to practice your spellings!  You will be tested on Friday this week.

If you are confident that you know them already, put them into sentences and include sentences using our Year 5 grammar, 

subordinating clauses and coordinating clauses. enlightened



15 minutes a day will make a massive difference to your times tables knowledge - and higher your ranking on the whole

school leader board!  Don't get left behind!! wink

Wed pm. 

Choose one of the activities from the Theme Activity mat to complete.  

Maybe you would like to have a go at the art activity, or make a Powerpoint about our universe?

You choose, and send me your work! 

Whatever you choose, just have lots of fun doing it! smiley

READING FOR PLEASURE - keep reading one of your favourite books - a novel, poetry or non-fiction information book!