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Wednesday 13th January

Happy Wednesday Year 6! 

You are half way through week 2! Well done!


Don't forget to login to MyMaths when you have finished and complete the follow up activity. 

If you feel very confident in today's maths then click on the maths challenge star (on this page) to complete some trickier problems!yes


15 minutes to answer and then click on the link to watch the explanation video.

English reading

Don't forget to listen to Mrs Manwaring this week read some more Survivors stories on Streams - there are 3 new ones to hear. The more you listen to, the more ideas you will have for your own writing next week as this is the style we are going to recreate. Happy listening!


Please ensure you have the two videos and PowerPoint ready for today's reading session. You will need to watch the first video before answering the comprehension questions.


Go to the spelling section on the class page to see next week's spellingssmiley

Don't forget to email your class teacher your score.yes