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Today’s sound is “ie”

Watch the video for an introduction:


Today is looking at the end part of the story.

Please watch the video and complete todays task under the star on the web page.


Have a go at the MyMaths challenges set for this week.


Numbots challenges- you now have your login

Whole school World Book Day Project- In addition to our masked reader quiz, we will be asking children to get creative with a ‘book in a box’ scene. Children can use a box of any size to create a scene from their favourite book (this is obviously similar to our English lesson a couple of weeks ago so it is your choice if you would like to make another scene. This time it is linked to a favourite book so it might be nice to do another one J). It may include their favourite characters or most enjoyed chapter. Don’t forget to put the title of the book, the author of the book and your name with your age. If you can send us photos to the above email address, then we will let you know, once we ae back at school, whether they can be brought in.