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Wednesday 24th March

Early Morning Work

Please remember to email your scores to your class teacher. 

Next week's spellings can be found at the front of the class page under 'spellings' yes

Maths lesson 1
Maths Lesson 2
English - Skills session

Following on from Monday's Art session you are going to produce your own flag. Please watch the video below as it will give you lots of inspiration and also some great tips!

Attached is also the banner guide to give you some more ideas if you need it. 


Things to remember:


  • Your flag must be PORTRAIT
  • Use a coloured piece of A4 card as your background.
  • You can use coloured pieces of paper or even recycle packaging such as crisp packets to add shapes and colour to your flag. 
  • Keep it simple!
  • Avoid using images, logos and lettering - we want lots of colour instead, bold, bold, bold
  • Please bring in your finished flag by next Tuesday


We can't wait to see your designs!