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Who's Who?

Headteacher : Mrs L Hoey - Safeguarding Lead, Self-Evaluation Lead, Teaching and Learning Lead, Assessment Lead,
Teaching Staff Line Manager, Wraparound Line Manager, Network Lead.


Deputy Head: Mrs A Sharp - Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Inclusion Manager/SENCo, EYs Lead, PPA Cover, CPD 

Co-ordinator, NQT Mentor


Mrs C O’Grady: Teacher – Nursery Teacher –Outdoor Learning Early Years


Miss B Geen: Teacher- Reception – Growth Mindset Lead


Miss R Dunn: Teacher – Reception –Outdoor Learning Early Years  


Mrs L Cash: Teacher – Year 1 – KS1 P.E.  Lead


Mrs J Sanderson: Teacher – Year 1 – Dance Lead


Mrs E Hunt:  Teacher – Year 1 – Lunch/After School Clubs Lead


Mrs L Edwards: Assistant Head Teacher- Yrs. 1, 2 & 3 Lead- Teacher Year 2 –Curriculum/Lunchtime Supervisors Lead

Mrs L Smith: Teacher - Year 2 – Citizenship (PHSE) Lead


Miss E Coggan: Teacher – Years 2 – Music Lead


Mrs L Moran: Teacher - Year 3- Yr2/3 Handwriting/Marking Lead


Mrs S Thrupp: Teacher – Year 3- KS1 English Lead


Mr M Kates: Teacher – Year 4 – KS2 P.E. Lead


Mrs D Briggs: Teacher – Year 4 – KS2 Maths Lead


Mr M Carpmail: Teacher – Year 5 – R.E. & Forest school Lead


Mrs S Fatile: Teacher – Year 5 Teaching Assistant Lead


Mrs J Shenton: Teacher – Year 5 – KS1 Maths Lead /Art Lead


Mr R Lapworth: Assistant Head Teacher Yrs. 4, 5 & 6 Lead -Teacher Year 6 – Computing/Website/Ed visit Lead  


Mrs S Forde: Teacher – Year 6 – Modern Foreign Languages Lead


Mrs S Manwaring: Teacher – Year 6 – School Council Lead


Mrs E Medcraft: Teacher – Year 6 - Assessment Lead


Mrs R Clay: Teacher – Year 6 – Science/ KS2 English Lead


Mrs D Keay:  PPA cover Teacher & Design & Technology Lead


Mrs S Faries: Nursery Nurse - Wraparound Leader


Mrs S Carpmail: Nursery Nurse – Wraparound Leader


Mrs C Perkins : Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Nursery


Ms J Ashby : Teaching Assistant - Reception


Mrs D Bisset: Teaching Assistant – Reception


Miss Z Knight: Teaching Assistant – Reception


Miss L Walton: Teaching Assistant – Year 1


Miss G Chrimes: Teaching Assistant – Year 1


Mrs J Watkins: Learning Mentor/Higher Level Teaching Assistant Year 2


Mrs J Heape: Teaching Assistant – Years 2


Miss C Shepherd: Teaching Assistant – Year 3


Mrs A Todd: Teaching Assistant - Year 3


Mrs B Haslegrave: Teaching Assistant – Year 3, Deputy Play Leader Wraparound


Mrs L Guntrip: Teaching Assistant – Year 4


Mrs L Martin: Teaching Assistant – Year 4


Mrs M Cook: Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Year 5


Mrs H Underwood: Teaching Assistant – Year 5


Mrs L Callaway: Teaching Assistant – Year 5


Mrs A Dhand:  Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Year 6


Miss K Russel: Teaching Assistant – Year 6


Mrs T Seddon: Learning Mentor/ Year 6 Teaching Assistant


Mrs A McHugh: School Business Manager (full-time) member of the SLT


Ms S Foster: Finance and Administration Officer (full-time)


Miss C Geraghty: Clerical Assistant (part-time)