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Year 2

Year 2 PSHE Coverage Spring 1

Valuing Difference


What Makes us Who We Are?


  • Identify some of the physical and non-physical differences and similarities between people; 
  • Know and use words and phrases that show respect for other people. 



How Do We Make Others Feel?


  • Recognise and explain how a person's behaviour can affect other people.




My Special People


  • Identify people who are special to them; 
  • Explain some of the ways those people are special to them.



When Someone Is Feeling Left Out


  • Explain how it feels to be part of a group; 
  • Explain how it feels to be left out from a group; 
  • Identify groups they are part of; 
  • Suggest and use strategies for helping someone who is feeling left out.



An Act of Kindness


  • Recognise and describe acts of kindness and unkindness;
  • Explain how these impact on other people's feelings; 
  • Suggest kind words and actions they can show to others; 
  • Show acts of kindness to others in school.



Solve The Problem


  • Demonstrate active listening techniques (making eye contact, nodding head, making positive noises, not being distracted); 
  • Suggest strategies for dealing with a range of common situations requiring negotiation skills to help foster and maintain positive relationships.