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Year 3

Year 3 PSHE Coverage Spring 1

Valuing Difference


Family and Friends


  • Recognise that there are many different types of family;
  • Understand what is meant by 'adoption' 'fostering' and 'same-sex relationships.'



My Community


  • Define the term 'community'; 
  • Identify the different communities that they belong to; 
  • Recognise the benefits that come with belonging to a community, in particular the benefit to mental health and wellbeing.



Respect and Challenge


  • Reflect on listening skills;  
  • Give examples of respectful language;
  • Give examples of how to challenge another's viewpoint, respectfully.



Our Friends and Neighbours


  • Explain that people living in the UK have different origins; 
  • Identify similarities and differences between a diverse range of people from varying national, regional, ethnic and religious backgrounds; 
  • Identity some of the qualities that people from a diverse range of backgrounds need in order to get on together.



Let’s Celebrate Our Differences


  • Recognise the factors that make people similar to and different from each other; 
  • Recognise that repeated name calling is a form of bullying; 
  • Suggest strategies for dealing with name calling (including talking to a trusted adult).






  • Understand and explain some of the reasons why different people are bullied;
  • Explore why people have prejudiced views and understand what this is.
  • Recognise potential risks associated with browsing online; 
  • Give examples of strategies for safe browsing online.