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Year 4

Year 4 PSHE Coverage Autumn 1

Me and My Relationships

An email

  • Describe 'good' and 'not so good' feelings and how feelings can affect our physical state; 
  • Explain how different words can express the intensity of feelings.


Ok or not ok?

  • Explain what we mean by a ‘positive, healthy relationship’; 
  • Describe some of the qualities that they admire in others.


Ok or not ok? (2)

  • Recognise that there are times when they might need to say 'no' to a friend; 
  • Describe appropriate assertive strategies for saying 'no' to a friend.



  • Demonstrate strategies for working on a collaborative task; 
  • Define successful qualities of teamwork and collaboration.


Different feelings

  • Identify a wide range of feelings; 
  • Recognise that different people can have different feelings in the same situation; 
  • Explain how feelings can be linked to physical state.


When feelings change

  • Demonstrate a range of feelings through their facial expressions and body language; 
  • Recognise that their feelings might change towards someone or something once they have further information.


Under pressure

  • Give examples of strategies to respond to being bullied, including what people can do and say;
  • Understand and give examples of who or where pressure to behave in an unhealthy, unacceptable or risky way might come from.