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Year 4

Year 4 PSHE Coverage Spring 1

Valuing Difference


Can You Sort It?


  • Define the terms 'negotiation' and 'compromise'; 
  • Understand the need to manage conflict or differences and suggest ways of doing this, through negotiation and compromise.



Personal Space


  • Understand that they have the right to protect their personal body space; 
  • Recognise how others' non-verbal signals indicate how they feel when people are close to their body space; 
  • Suggest people they can talk to if they feel uncomfortable with other people's actions towards them.



Friend or Acquaintance?


  • Recognise that they have different types of relationships with people they know (e.g. close family, wider family, friends, acquaintances);
  • Give examples of features of these different types of relationships, including how they influence what is shared.



What Would I Do?


  • List some of the ways that people are different to each other (including differences of race, gender, religion); 
  • Recognise potential consequences of  aggressive behaviour; 
  • Suggest strategies for dealing with someone who is behaving aggressively. 



People We Share Our World With


  • List some of the ways in which people are different to each other (including ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, customs and festivals); 
  • Define the word respect and demonstrate ways of showing respect to others' differences.



That is Such a Stereotype!


  • Understand and identify stereotypes, including those promoted in the media.