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Year 5

Year 5 PSHE Coverage Autumn 1

Me and My Relationships



  •   Explain what collaboration means; 
  •   Give examples of how they have worked collaboratively; 
  •   Describe the attributes needed to work collaboratively.


Give and take

  •   Explain what is meant by the terms negotiation and compromise; 
  •    Describe strategies for resolving difficult issues or situations.

How good a friend are you?

  •   Demonstrate how to respond to a wide range of feelings in others; 
  •   Give examples of some key qualities of friendship; 
  •   Reflect on their own friendship qualities.


A recipe for a good relationship

  •   Identify what things make a relationship unhealthy;
  •   Identify who they could talk to if they needed help.


Being assertive


  •  Identify characteristics of passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours;
  •  Understand and rehearse assertiveness skills.


Our emotional needs

  •   Recognise basic emotional needs, understand that they change according to circumstance;
  •    Identify risk factors in a given situation (involving smoking or other scenarios) and consider outcomes of risk taking in this situation, including emotional risks.



  •   Understand that online communication can be misinterpreted; 
  •     Accept that responsible and respectful behaviour is necessary when interacting with others online as well as face-to-face.