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Year 5

Year 5 PSHE Coverage Spring 1

Valuing Difference




Qualities of Friendship


  • Define some key qualities of friendship; 
  • Describe ways of making a friendship last; 
  • Explain why friendships sometimes end.



Kind Conversations


  • Rehearse active listening skills: 
  • Demonstrate respectfulness in responding to others; 
  • Respond appropriately to others.



Happy Being Me


  • Develop an understanding of discrimination and its injustice, and describe this using examples;
  • Empathise with people who have been, and currently are, subjected to injustice, including through racism;
  • Consider how discriminatory behaviour can be challenged.



Our Diverse Society


  • Identify and describe the different groups that make up their school/wider community/other parts of the UK;
  • Describe the benefits of living in a diverse society; 
  • Explain the importance of mutual respect for different faiths and beliefs and how we demonstrate this.



Is it True?


  • Understand that the information we see online, either text or images, is not always true or accurate;
  • Recognise that some people post things online about themselves that aren’t true, sometimes this is so that people will like them;
  • Understand and explain the difference between sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.



It Could Happen to Anyone


  •  Identify the consequences of positive and negative behaviour on themselves and others; 
  • Give examples of how individual/group actions can impact on others in a positive or negative way.