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Year 5

Wednesday 25th March

Hey Fab Year Fives!!! How are you all doing? This week Mrs Shenton and I are working from home and Mrs Fatile is in school looking after the children of key workers. I can see them from my house and they seem healthy and happy! It's a strange time but I hope you are getting out into the sunshine (I was out on my bike yesterday...on my own! and the country lanes were beautiful). 

I hope you are doing some school work - it is important! I'd really love it if your parents could help you find 'Gareth Metcalfe Primary Maths'. He's a really good maths teacher and he's doing a maths lesson every day for year 5. Try and watch his lessons if you can.

You can now email us too! We'd love to hear from you and see what you've been up to.

Our email addresses are (Mr Carpmail) , (Mrs Fatile) and (Mrs Shenton). If your parents have any questions, then they can contact us using these addresses too! (Parents please note that these are official school accounts with fixed passwords so the children can use them safely smiley )

Take care

Missing you all!

Mr Carpmail 

Hello Year 5, I miss you all so much!  This last few weeks, I have had to stay home, but I have been doing lots of work, so that there is plenty for you to access online.  I've just uploaded your first week's home learning project - there are lots of nice activities to keep you occupied.  Don't forget to try your MyMaths tasks and TTRS because I might challenge you! Remember to have fun with your families, take time to do your hobbies, or discover a new one.  I have been in the garden (enjoying the sunshine) and enjoying reading and doing some mindfulness colouring.  Ask your parents to check out the school Facebook page and try the latest creative challenge!  Let us know what you have been doing. Take care, stay safe and I'll see you soon.heart

Mrs Shenton   29.3.20

Week 1 Year 5 Home Learning Project 30.3.20

Lots of learning and fun activities all in one place! Remember: just do what you can, have some family fun too!

Classroom secrets home learning packs are a great set of resources, which include maths, grammar and guided reading activities.  Challenges start with RED for 'I'm getting there'; BLUE for 'I've got this' and GOLD for 'I'm challenging myself'.  Finding it tricky? Try a pack from an earlier year group - practise makes perfect!

Parents - Want to reduce printing?  Print off the answer booklet labelled LESS PRINTING and view the questions on your screen.  NO PRINTER? Then simply type your answers onto the answer booklet labelled LESS PRINTING.


Why not click on the link below to practise your multiplication tables in a fun way?


Nrich Maths
If you would like to really challenge your reasoning and problem solving skills, try the Nrich Maths link below, where you will find lots of tricky challenges.

My Maths

Follow this quick and easy link to start work on your MyMaths work.

Our school login details are:

Username: alps

Password: shape


Math Antics - Fractions and Decimals

All mathantics videos are really good!

Try these ordering and sequencing games to improve your number work.

Spelling and Grammar

Practise your spelling and grammar skills on this Top Marks website by clicking on the link below.




1. Learn how to tell the time - If you aren't sure.
2. Learn how how to cook some lovely meals.
3. Write a spooky story.
4. Learn how to look after the house ( mow the lawn, fix things, wash up, learn how to do the washing).
5. Tidy your bedroom. 
6. Read some great books and magazines.
7. Keep fit! Use the space you have to do some PE each day. - Go outside but keep well away from other people. 
8. Take up a new hobby( draw, colour, knit, paint).
9. Switch off from the internet and your PS4 - ( unplug it for a few hours each day )
10. Find out about birds, animals and plants that are in your garden.
11.  Do a 'mini project' on a country or famous person.
12. Do a STEM challenge ( build a tower, boat, bridge) out of random materials around the house.

13. Listen to different types of music - try and find out about styles you don't usually listen to.

14. Be good for your family!!!!!


When you come back to school, we'd love to hear about (and see) all that you've been up to!