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Year 6

Year 6 PSHE Coverage Autumn 1

Me and My Relationships

Working together


  • Demonstrate a collaborative approach to a task;
  • Describe and implement the skills needed to do this.


Let’s negotiate


  • Explain what is meant by the terms 'negotiation' and 'compromise'; 
  • Suggest positive strategies for negotiating and compromising within a collaborative task; 
  • Demonstrate positive strategies for negotiating and compromising within a collaborative task.


Solve this friendship problem

  • Recognise some of the challenges that arise from friendships; 
  • Suggest strategies for dealing with such challenges demonstrating the need for respect and an assertive approach.


Assertiveness skills

  • List some assertive behaviours;
  • Recognise peer influence and pressure;
  • Demonstrate using some assertive behaviours, through role-play, to resist peer influence and pressure.


Behave yourself

  • Recognise and empathise with patterns of behaviour in peer-group dynamics; 
  • Recognise basic emotional needs and understand that they change according to circumstance; 
  • Suggest strategies for dealing assertively with a situation where someone under pressure may do something they feel uncomfortable about.


Responding to others

  • Describe the consequences of reacting to others in a positive or negative way; 
  • Suggest ways that people can respond more positively to others.



  • Describe ways in which people show their commitment to each other; 
  • Know the ages at which a person can marry, depending on whether their parents agree;
  • Understand that different faiths and cultures place value on marriage
  • Understand that under British law, everyone has the right to be free to choose who and whether to marry.


It’s a puzzle

  • Identify strategies for keeping personal information safe online; 
  • Describe safe and respectful behaviours when using communication technology.