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Year 6

Year 6 PSHE Coverage Autumn 2

Keeping Myself Safe


Protective Behaviours Lesson 1

Feeling Safe


  • Understand that people don’t show their feelings for a range of reasons
  • Recognise how stereotyping can stop us showing our feelings and keeping ourselves safe


Protective Behaviours Lesson 2

Feeling Unsafe


  • Know that early warning signs are caused by flight, fright or freeze response in our bodies
  • Understand why it is sometimes important to risk on purpose
  • Understand how and when anxiety may affect me
  • Know some positive ways to manage anxiety


Protective Behaviours Lesson 3

Body Awareness


  • Know I need to ask and receive permission for some types of touch
  • Know when physical contact is unwanted and ways of resisting it


Protective Behaviours Lesson 4

Networks and Telling


  • Recognise safe and unsafe people and places in the community
  • Understand that some people are more appropriate to talk to than others depending on the situation and issue


Think Before You Click


  • Accept that responsible and respectful behaviour is necessary when interacting with others online and face-to-face; 
  • Understand and describe the ease with which something posted online can spread.



Keeping Safe Online


  • Identify strategies for keeping personal information safe online; 
  • Describe safe behaviours when using communication technology.



To Share or Not to Share


  • Know that it is illegal to create and share sexual images of children under 18 years old;
  • Explore the risks of sharing photos and films of themselves with other people directly or online;
  • Know how to keep their information private online.



Habits and addiction


  • Define what is meant by addiction, demonstrating an understanding that addiction is a form of behaviour; 
  • Understand that all humans have basic emotional needs and explain some of the ways these needs can be met.



What Sort of Drug is…?


  • Explain how drugs can be categorised into different groups depending on their medical and legal context; 
  • Demonstrate an understanding that drugs can have both medical and non-medical uses; 
  • Explain in simple terms some of the laws that control drugs in this country.



Drugs and the Law


  • Understand some of the basic laws in relation to drugs; 
  • Explain why there are laws relating to drugs in this country.



Alcohol: What is Normal?


  • Understand the actual norms around drinking alcohol and the reasons for common misperceptions of these; 
  • Describe some of the effects and risks of drinking alcohol.



Emotional Needs


  • Understand that all humans have basic emotional needs and explain some of the ways these needs can be met;
  • Explain how these emotional needs impact on people's behaviour;
  • Suggest positive ways that people can get their emotional need met.
  • Understand and give examples of conflicting emotions;
  • Understand and reflect on how independence and responsibility go together.