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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Mrs Clay, Mrs Medcraft, Miss Russell

and Mr Lapworth

Welcome booklet Year 6 2021

Key things to remember:

Maths homework: Every Wednesday

Spelling test: Every Monday

Reading expectations: To read 5x a week

PE day: Every Friday


Year 6 homework will be uploaded to this section of the class page. Please check back each week to see any new tasks which have been set for you.





All of Year 6 will be handed out their new spellings on Monday and will have their previous week's spelling test on Monday too. Your spellings to practise and their rule will be in your book, but there will always be a copy here just in case you need them.  blush






Try to play some games on Times Table Rock Stars as often as you can to improve your speed and move up the whole school leader board! All children have an individual username and password. If you have any difficulties logging on, please speak to your class teacher when you are in school.


Our school login details are:

Username: alps

Password: shape

Remember to use your own login to access your portal once you are logged in.

Nrich Maths

If you would like to really challenge your reasoning and problem solving skills, try the Nrich Maths link below, where you will find lots of tricky challenges.

Don't forget to play some of these SPAG games as often as you can - they will help with your writing tasks and keep you familiar with the rules.Lots
Well done to everyone who has logged into


Terminology Table. Use this to remind yourselves of any grammar terminology you may have forgotten.

Practise your spelling patterns from the Year 5 and 6 statutory words.

Lots of fun games to keep you familiar with your spellings - try to play a few each day!

Don't forget to practise these words - they are very important.

Remember to keep reading as often as you possibly can. We have provided a super book list for you to look through.

We'd love to hear all about your reading too.

Perhaps some of you might like to send us your book recommendations - we may even post some onto our class page! yes


The Book of Hopes

Take a look at this wonderful new reading resource to share with your family.

A collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures by popular children's authors and illustrators. These are written and dedicated to all those working in hospitals. 


Free Online Book of the Week

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Recommended Read!

What an amazing book this is. Sophie Anderson has used the folklore character: Baba Yaga ( a witch) who in Russian tales is not a pleasant character and transports herself around the globe with her house that runs on chicken legs, but in this story, Baba is not vicious – in fact she is rather kind; you will find that out as the story unfolds. 

It is written from the viewpoint of Marinka who is a young girl – about your age. You know of the frustrations you feel being told to do things by your parents and teachers - don’t you? Well, imagine if you were not allowed to play or settle anywhere as you live with Baba Yaga and the house moves on before you can make friends – which of course is forbidden. 

You guessed it: Marinka sneaks away from the watchful eyes of the house and the story begins. This book is different and brilliant. In fact, now I have reminded myself of it, I will have to dig it out and read it again! 

Enjoy !! 

The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson

Recommended Read!

Emma Carroll is an excellent author known for her historical fiction. She has written this book about a maid called Tilly who begins work at Frost Hollow Hall in the Victorian era. In no time this story grips your attention as there are mysteries to solve and ghosts to meet!   Enjoy if you dare! There are other brilliant reads by Emma Carroll: 

Letters From the lighthouse  

The snow sister 

In Darkling Woods 

The Somerset Tsunami 

The Girl who walked on air 

All of the above have been read by my daughter or other children about your age and they have enjoyed.  

Another book I must mention is When we were Warriors – also by Emma Carroll. Two of the short three stories follow on from Frost Hollow Hall and Letters from the Lighthouse, but the characters are older, so it is not necessary to read the others before. Sometimes it is quite nice to see how the characters mature though. 

Mrs Clay x

Frost Hollow Hall by Emma Carroll

Recommended Read!

Take a look at the page below to find out about this exciting book!

The Kid Who Came From Space by Ross Welford

Recommended Read!

This book is brilliant :it tells the story of Fred, Con,  Lila and Max whose plane has crashed in the Amazon Jungle as they travelled to see their families in Manaus. Was somebody there before them? How will they survive ?

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell

Recommended Read!

For those of you who enjoyed 'Survivors' David Long has two more lovely books: Rescuers and Heroes; we are enjoying this one in the Clay household!

Heroes by David Long

Recommended Read!

Darkus' Dad is missing. Along with some new friends and a beetle...will the mystery be solved?

Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard

Recommended Read!

For those of you who have read 'Malamander' and enjoyed it, the next book is out!