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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 class page!

Hello Year 6!

We hope you and your parents are finding our class page useful and are able to access the variety of tasks we are setting each week. 

We do love to hear how you are getting on at home with your learning! Some of you have already sent us lots of fabulous work and messages which really has brought a smile to our faces - thank you! 


If you would like to share anything you are proud of or you have any questions then please feel free to contact us on the email addresses below (Mrs Forde and Mrs Manwaring) (Mrs Clay and Mrs Medcraft)

Remember to check this page regularly for updates. Scroll down the page and you will see the tasks we have added in order of the weeks you have been learning from home. (latest updates/tasks)

Week 10 - 24.5.20

Picture 1

Hello there Year 6 children and parents!


Just a very quick message to say have a super half term week. You have all worked so hard and we are very proud of how well you have managed your learning at home! 

Take a well-deserved break this week and have some fun with your family - you have certainly earned it!


We will be in touch this time next week.


Love from your Year 6 teachers x

Week 9 - 18.5.20


Hello again Year 6!

We hope you are all well and have had another super week at home.

We were a little busy at the start of last week sitting some important tests for you, mmmm - we wonder what they could have been? (Check the home learning page on this website if you missed it!)


We hope we have managed to chat to all of you or your parents by now, but if we have missed anyone then please do get in touch using the email addresses at the top of this page.


There are lots of new tasks for this week (in the usual place lower down the page - 'Latest updates/tasks')

You will be working on a super setting description for your English lessons (1-5); some angles and problem solving for Maths (1-5); the next lesson for Science (4) about how light travels; a great theme lesson (Geography) all about longitude and latitude - using maps and an R.E lesson all about Ramadan. There is also another recommended read. We'd love to know how you are getting on with your current books - perhaps you could send us some book reviews?

Don't forget there is also the additional A-Z of lockdown task which we set last week. We know some of you have been picking a few letters each day and taking your time with it -fab!


We hope you all have another wonderful week. Make sure you get outside and enjoy the warm weather too.


Take care everyone.


Love from all of your Year 6 teachers x


Week 8 - 11.5.20


Hello there lovely Year 6 children!


We hope you all had another good week and managed to fill your days with a variety of things to do. 

Us teachers were lucky enough to talk to most of you on the phone and it was just so lovely to hear your voices and talk to you properly. We really have missed you. We were also thrilled to hear about all the wonderful things you have been doing whilst at home. Lots of you have been busy with your school work each day and managed to set up your own routines; some have had birthdays and celebrated by receiving messages from friends and family virtually; many children have been designing and creating some amazing art and craft and so many of you have been baking! We all felt rather hungry after talking to you about your tasty treats and hope that you will bring us some to sample - if we are lucky enough to see you soon. Thank you to all those children and parents we did manage to chat to. We will try to catch anyone we missed this week.


Your work for this week consists of English (Oak Academy) and the A-Z of Lockdown, Maths (White Rose), Science, Theme and a book recommendation. We hope you all enjoy the tasks and -as ever- if you have any queries or want to share something with us; use the emails at the top of the page. You can find this week's work lower down under the 'latest updates/tasks' heading.


Now...some of you may have remembered what this week would have been? Yes...SAT's week. 

We just wanted to remind you all that we are all so proud of how far you have come this year and although it may not have been the year we were hoping for, we already know how brilliant you would have been if you were in school with us because you are all so positive, hard-working, mature, kind and above all - super stars!


Take care Year 6 and have a wonderful week.


Love from your Year 6 teaching staff xx

Week 7  (4.5.20)    May the fourth be with you!laughwink

Hello everyone!

We hope you have all had another fun-filled week! We have had some lovely messages and examples of work from lots of you - you are doing great!

Thanks to those of you who returned your answers from the questions we set last week. Can we ask anyone who hasn't yet sent them to take a look at last week's message and try to complete it. Thank you.


As usual, we have uploaded a mixture of curriculum tasks (English, maths, science and theme). We know being at home is not the same as learning in school. Some families have timetables which work well for them and others do bits as and when it works for them. Have a chat with your parents about how you are going to attempt your learning this week - maybe you could even draw up your own timetable? What's important to us is that you are happy and trying to make time for a little fun each day - be it crafts, cooking, gardening, exercise etc.


This week things are going to be a little different in English. We have a super new resource called the Oak National Academy and it has some exciting lessons for you to try. We have uploaded a sheet with the links to each lesson. The lessons will need to be done in order as the skills you learn will help you with your final piece of writing (lesson 5). There is a mixture of reading, SPAG and writing within the lessons for the week.

Take a look at lesson 1 with an adult if you can. That way you can see how you are going to fit them into your week - whatever works best for you.


Remember to check under the latest updates and tasks heading for your work this week and - as ever- please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help or just want to say hello!


Take care all of you and stay safe.


Love from all of your Year 6 teachers x



Week 6

Hello there Year 6's!

We hope you have all had a lovely couple of fun-filled weeks and are all safe and well.

We have plenty for you all to do this week and have set you an English task (reading and writing), some Maths lessons and tasks, a Themed Learning task (geography) and some super Science! There are also lots of spelling games and activities, grammar games and reading resources for you to take a look at. Finally, we have added a link to a new 'lockdown diary' for you to try. You can find all of these below in 'Updates and tasks'.


We are really missing seeing you each day and we are busy making plans for the long-awaited day that we can return to school. This got us thinking about some questions that we would like to ask you, so that we can think about how to make your learning as exciting as possible when we are lucky enough to teach you again. It would be amazing if you could talk to your parents about these and then send us an email with your thoughts:


  1. What is your favourite subject and why?  (Maths, English (writing, reading, SPAG), Science, Art, History/Geography (theme), Computing, Music, Design Technology, P.E, PSHE, French
  2. What theme have you enjoyed the most and why?  (Ancient Greece, River Deep, Mountain High)
  3. What learning have you found tricky and why?
  4. What would you like to learn more about?
  5. What have you done this year that has made you feel proud?
  6. What has been your best memory this year so far?
  7. What are you most looking forward to about being back at school?


If you could email us sometime this week that would be brilliant.

Try to think about your answers and write in full sentences with your reasons why.


We look forward to hearing from you all very soon.


Love from your Year 6 teachers x laugh



Week 5

Hi there Year 6! 

Just  quick message to remind you that we are all thinking about you lots. We hope you have been enjoying the holiday tasks we have set you - don't forget to send us some pictures of what you have been up to! We do miss you.

Take care everyone and we will be in touch next week with some new curriculum - based tasks.

Love from all the Year 6 teachers xsmiley

Week 4

Happy Easter to all of our lovely Year 6 children and families!


We hope you have enjoyed the tasks we have set you in both your folders and online. We know lots of you have been eggstremely busy and we have enjoyed hearing from you and seeing what you have achieved. 


As this is what would have been your Easter holiday period, we are going to provide you with some different types of activities to keep you busy for the next couple of weeks. We really want you to have fun and enjoy the time you have as a family before we continue to set more curriculum-based tasks.


Thank you all for being so mature and we hope you enjoy the activities we upload. Keep checking for updates.


Have an eggcellent break! wink


Love from your Year 6 teachers x

Week 2


Hello again Year 6!


Just a quick message to say how pleased we are to see all of the wonderful work you have been doing at home with your online maths and spag accounts - well done!


Don't forget - you also have your maths and spag booster books. These are jam-packed full of activities and will go hand-in-hand with the work you took home in your folders.


We have been delighted to receive a variety of story plans, journal entries and updates of the super things you have been doing at home. Remember that the class email addresses are below - we'd love to see some more this week. Has anyone managed to make their mountain model yet? Which type did you make?


We will update next week with another message so keep checking. We do miss you all - stay safe Year 6. 


Love from Mrs Manwaring, Mrs Forde, Mrs Clay, Mrs Medcraft, Mr Lapworth, Miss Russell, Mrs Dhand and Mrs Seddon x

Week 1

Hello Year 6!

We hope you are all well and enjoying your learning at home with your family!

We wanted to say a huge thank you for the way you all responded to the changes in school last week! You were mature, thoughtful and looked after each other when we know some of you perhaps felt a little uncertain. Well done all of you!

You have been given plenty of work to be getting on with (in your folders) and also have your additional tasks - including theme, writing and science. 

Keep checking this page for regular updates!


Stay safe Year 6. 

Year 6 teachers x



How to support home learning - parent factsheet.

Latest updates/tasks cool
Sunday 17th May

English from the Oak National Academy 

Setting Description


Use this resource to find your White Rose Maths links


Themed Learning (Geography)

Use the resources below to complete the map work.

Recommended Read!

Darkus' Dad is missing. Along with some new friends and a beetle...will the mystery be solved?

Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard

Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard 1


Take a look at the link below and learn all about the month of Ramadan.

Sunday 10th May 

English from the Oak National Academy 

Information texts

An extra English task - for those of you who want to try it! 

The A - Z of Lockdown


Use this resource to find your White Rose Maths links

Themed Learning 

Your rivers task - to write an information page/leaflet (once you have completed your English lessons 1 - 5 this week)

Recommended Read!

For those of you who have read 'Malamander' and enjoyed it, the next book is out!

Picture 1
Sunday 3rd May - Week 7

English from the Oak National Academy 

This includes your reading, writing and SPAG.


Use the link for your White Rose Maths this week.

Maths lessons 1 - 5


Remember you have the full 6 weeks of lessons lower down the page (week 6), but for those of you who just want week 2 - here it is...

Themed Learning

Using the resources below, please complete your river task - it will be needed to help you with your writing for next week.

Don't forget, you have lots of information lower down the page from the last two tasks.

Sunday 26th April - Week 6

Take a look at the English task below. Read the text and try to answer the questions in full sentences like you would in our class reading sessions. Think about making your point, explain it and don't forget the evidence to back it up.


Once you have completed the sentence tasks, try to complete the story. You choose what will happen. Take the story in your own direction and don't forget to use that all important punctuation.


We would love to read some of these stories, so please send them through if you get finished. Have fun!

English task - Week 6

Picture 1
Maths lessons and tasks

Using the White Rose link provided, watch the online videos and complete the activities for each day.


Don't forget to play some of these SPAG games as often as you can - they will help with your writing tasks and keep you familiar with the rules.

Lots of you still have plenty to do on too. Well done to everyone who has logged in and tried an online test!


Terminology Table. Use this to remind yourselves of any grammar terminology you may have forgotten.


Practise your spelling patterns from the Year 5 and 6 statutory words.

Lots of fun games to keep you familiar with your spellings - try to play a few each day!


Remember to keep reading as often as you possibly can. We have provided a super book list for you to look through.

We'd love to hear all about your reading too.

Perhaps some of you might like to send us your book recommendations - we may even post some onto our class page! yes


The Book of Hopes

Take a look at this wonderful new reading resource to share with your family.

A collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures by popular children's authors and illustrators. These are written and dedicated to all those working in hospitals. 


Themed learning and task

Raging Rivers 

As you have all finished your work on mountains, we thought you could take some time to complete a theme task based on rivers. (some of you have already written a poem so will be a bit ahead of the game wink)

Using the powerpoint lessons below, try to draw your own diagram of a river. Remember to include all of the features along each of the three courses (upper, middle and lower) and label them too. We have included a pack of activity sheets, but we would love for you to draw your own if you can!

Talk to a grown up (either in your house or a relative on the phone) about any local rivers or even famous rivers they may have visited. See if you can share your knowledge with them.

Have fun!


Lots of super science and learning here for the next six weeks. Have fun everybody - we can't wait to hear from you! laugh

Year 6 Science - 6 weeks of lessons

Take a look at these science experiments with your family. Lots of fun to be had by all!smiley

Allesley Primary Lockdown Diary Activity

The well-being of our children at Allesley is always at the forefront of all of our minds, so when we spotted this we thought what a fantastic way for the children to share their hopes, dreams, thoughts, aspirations, worries, feelings and beliefs about being in lock down.

Each week we would like the children to keep a diary in the form of one picture showing us their lockdown world. This can be kept as a private diary just for themselves, to share with family members or their class teacher would love an email sharing this with them.

Take a look at the link below for some inspiration, but remember: your diary is about your feelings and experience.

Sunday 12th April (Weeks 4 & 5)

Activities for Easter - Year 6

Easter Maths Fun!

Take a look at this fun reading challenge! 

Join the Virtual Reading Club and take part in the mini Easter challenge or the illustration challenge. 

Sunday 5th April - Week 3

* Our theme at school this term is 'River Deep, Mountain High'. We have looked at the five types of mountains and their features alongside a collection of survival stories.

We would like you to do some research about rivers now. See if you can find out some of the technical vocabulary and what the words mean. Where does a river begin its journey? Where does it end up? What happens along the way? Perhaps you can find out about local rivers or even famous rivers far away!

Now take a look at the 'River's Journey Poem' task below...

* The Mountain Pass

Take a look at this exciting story start and illustration...

Can you read the text and answer the questions like we do in class?

Have a go at the sentence tasks too - use your super grammar knowledge and vocabulary to help you. 

Finally, try the picture task. We'd love to see some of these!


Picture 1
Friday 27th March - Week 2

* Remember the Survivors stories we read? Take a look at this writing task and see if you can complete the story.

* Why not keep a journal/diary over the next few weeks. Try to set some time aside each day to explain what has been happening both at home and in the wider community/world. Try to include how you feel and why. Think how interesting this might be to read when you are older!
Year 6 Tasks during school closure - 19th March (Week 1)
SATs Revision

Nrich Maths

If you would like to really challenge your reasoning and problem solving skills, try the Nrich Maths link below, where you will find lots of tricky challenges.


Our school login details are:

Username: alps

Password: shape

Remember to use your own login to access your portal once you are logged in to check for homework you have been set.

Watch these 2 great YouTube assemblies from Medical Mavericks to help your understanding of the circulatory system.