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Year 2

Year 2 PSHE Coverage Autumn 1

Me and My Relationships

Our Ideal Classroom


  • Suggest actions that will contribute positively to the life of the classroom; 
  • Make and undertake pledges based on those actions.
  • Take part in creating and agreeing classroom rules.


How are you feeling today?


  • Use a range of words to describe feelings; 
  • Recognise that people have different ways of expressing their feelings; 
  • Identify helpful ways of responding to other's feelings.


Bullying or teasing?


  • Define what is meant by the terms 'bullying' and 'teasing' showing an understanding of the difference between the two; 
  • Identify situations as to whether they are incidents of teasing or bullying.


Don’t do that!


  • Understand and describe strategies for dealing with bullying
  • Rehearse and demonstrate some of these strategies.


Types of Bullying


  • Explain the difference between bullying and isolated unkind behaviour; 
  • Recognise that that there are different types of bullying and unkind behaviour; 
  • Understand that bullying and unkind behaviour are both unacceptable ways of behaving.


Being a good friend


  • Recognise that friendship is a special kind of relationship; 
  • Identify some of the ways that good friends care for each other.


Let’s all be happy


  • Recognise, name and understand how to deal with feelings (e.g. anger, loneliness); 
  • Explain where someone could get help if they were being upset by someone else’s behaviour.