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Year 3

Year 3 PSHE Coverage Autumn 2

Keeping Myself Safe


Protective Behaviours Lesson 1

Feeling Safe


  • Understand that they can feel different things at the same time
  • Understand that with my right to be safe comes a responsibility to keep others safe



Protective Behaviours Lesson 2

Feeling Unsafe


  • Identify when they get their early warning signs but it is ‘fun to feel scared’ or ‘risking on purpose’ situation
  • Know its important to sometimes take a risk on purpose to help learn new things or get help


Protective Behaviours Lesson 3

Body Awareness


  • Understand the difference between safe and unsafe touches
  • Know that no one has the right to touch them in a way that feels unsafe
  • Use strategies to help them know options if they feel unsafe


Protective Behaviours Lesson 4

Networks and Telling


  • Know what characteristics someone who can help me has
  • Can discuss asking for help in school
  • Know where to get help outside of school



Danger or risk?


  • Define the words danger and risk and explain the difference between the two; 
  • Demonstrate strategies for dealing with a risky situation.



Risk Robot


  • Identify risk factors in given situations;
  • Suggest ways of reducing or managing those risks. 



Alcohol and Cigarettes: the facts


  • Identify some key risks from and effects of cigarettes and alcohol;  
  • Know that most people choose not to smoke cigarettes; (Social Norms message)
  • Define the word 'drug' and understand that nicotine and alcohol are both drugs.





Online safety/Super Searchers


  • Evaluate the validity of statements relating to online safety; 
  • Recognise potential risks associated with browsing online; 
  • Give examples of strategies for safe browsing online.



None of Your Business


  • Know that our body can often give us a sign when something doesn't feel right; to trust these signs and talk to a trusted adult if this happens;
  • Recognise and describe appropriate behaviour online as well as offline;
  • Identify what constitutes personal information and when it is not appropriate or safe to share this;
  • Understand and explain how to get help in a situation where requests for images or information of themselves or others occurs.



Help or Harm?


  • Understand that medicines are drugs and suggest ways that they can be helpful or harmful.