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Year 1

Year 1 PSHE Coverage Autumn 1

Me and My Relationships

Why we have classroom rules


  • Understand that classroom rules help everyone to learn and be safe; 
  • Explain their classroom rules and be able to contribute to making these


Thinking about feelings


  • Recognise how others might be feeling by reading body language/facial expressions; 
  • Understand and explain how our emotions can give a physical reaction in our body (e.g. butterflies in the tummy etc.)


Our feelings


  • Identify a range of feelings; 
  • Identify how feelings might make us behave: 
  • Suggest strategies for someone experiencing 'not so good' feelings to manage these.


Feelings and bodies



  • Recognise that people’s bodies and feelings can be hurt 
  • Suggest ways of dealing with different kinds of hurt


Our Special People


  • Recognise that they belong to various groups and communities such as their family; 
  • Explain how these people help us and we can also help them to help us.


Good friends


  • Identify simple qualities of friendship; 
  • Suggest simple strategies for making up.


How are you listening?



  • Demonstrate attentive listening skills; 
  • Suggest simple strategies for resolving conflict situations;
  • Give and receive positive feedback, and experience how this makes them feel.