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Year 1

Year 1 PSHE Coverage Autumn 2

Keeping Myself Safe


Protective Behaviours Lesson 1

Feeling Safe


  • Know when they feel safe and say what it feels like
  • Know what happens on the inside and outside of their body when they feel safe and comfortable
  • Understand that different people can have different feelings about the same situation



Protective Behaviours Lesson 2

Feeling Unsafe


  • Know what happens on the outside and inside of their body when they feel unsafe
  • Know their own early warning signs and when they might get them


Protective Behaviours Lesson 3

Body Awareness


  • Name all the parts of their body including penis, vulva, vagina, anus, bottom, breast, nipple
  • Know their body belongs to them and that there are parts which are private and shouldn’t be touched without permission
  • Know that they need to keep themselves and others safe


Protective Behaviours Lesson 4

Networks and Telling


  • Know that everyone has worries sometimes and can talk about what their worries might be
  • Know that it is important to share a worry with safe people
  • Know how to make themselves heard when they want help



Healthy Me


  • Understand that the body gets energy from food, water and air (oxygen);
  • Recognise that exercise and sleep are important parts of a healthy lifestyle.



Super Sleep


  • Recognise the importance of sleep in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle; 
  • Identify simple bedtime routines that promote healthy sleep.



Losing Something


  •  Recognise the range of feelings that are associated with loss.





  • Understand that medicines can sometimes make people feel better when they’re ill; 
  • Explain simple issues of safety and responsibility about medicines and their use.



Keeping Safe Online


  • Understand principles for keeping safe online, how to recognise risks, harmful content and contact, and how to report them.