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Year 1

Year 1 PSHE Coverage Spring 1

Valuing Difference


Same or Different


  • Identify the differences and similarities between people;
  • Empathise with those who are different from them;
  • Begin to appreciate the positive aspects of these differences.



Unkind, Tease or Bully?


  • Explain the difference between unkindness, teasing and bullying; 
  • Understand that bullying is usually quite rare.



School Rules


  • Explain some of their school rules and how those rules help to keep everybody safe.



Who Are Our Special People?


  • Identify some of the people who are special to them; 
  • Recognise and name some of the qualities that make a person special to them.



It’s Not Fair


  • Recognise and explain what is fair and unfair, kind and unkind; 
  • Suggest ways they can show kindness to others.