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                             Welcome to Year 1!

July 17th 2020



Hello Children!

It is the end of term! Thank you to all of you who have followed our online journey and to those who have dipped and out. We hope you have enjoyed some of the activities and sharing pictures of some of the things you have being doing. We have put a few links for holidays activities below. (Scroll down past all the pictures!)   

We have all missed you loads and really look forward to seeing you in September for a little while.

Take care and enjoy yourselves, 

love from

All of the Year One Staff!  


P.S.  We hope you liked listening to our online stories on Stream!   You should have received a link to them. 


 (Scroll down to see Willow's sunflower!)


Friday 17th July





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What a fabulous end to the amazing is Willow's sun flower? All that from one little seed!

Look children! The little seed that we put in the cup with the paper towel on our last week in school, grew roots and a shoot, which grew to be a very tall thick stem with leaves and time for the end of term we would have had a flower! Yaaaaay! Don't forget to scroll to the very bottom of the page to see the pictures sent in of our sunflower plants! Feel free to send more in!

We loved your fantastic message! So lovely to see all your smiling faces! Missing you all!

Today in school the Year 1s did the art planning for this week (see our timetable - you could do this at home!) These are the minibeasts they made in the woods! Aren't they fantastic!

Also they worked so well as a team to make this huge butterfly!

Here are some pictures of the wonderful things you have been doing at home! We will be adding more soon!

Please see the following online safety link:

Summer holiday ideas...

Some ideas of lovely activities...

Scavenger hunt ideas!


Also if you scroll down on this page there are lots of other free ideas.

More lovely ideas...


Twinkl is a website containing a wealth of resources to support your children's learning.

They are offering a free 30 day trial for all parents.


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Step 1: Go to

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Feel free to sign up for your free trial and enjoy exploring the many resources on offer with your children.

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Look how they are growing? We started growing these in school! How is yours doing? Send us a picture!

Can you see the root?
Can you see the shoot?
Now the stem is taller and it has two leaves!
This is the small bulb (Andes)
This is the big bulb so far. (Gladioli)
The shoot is much taller and it has more roots

Look how well Molly's sunflower is growing.

Maddison has sent in a picture of her sunflower! You are taking good care of it, Maddison!

Look how the bulb and sunflower seed are doing that we planted in school just before we left!

Look how tall Willow's sunflower is! WOW! The one on the right is the one Mrs Sanderson's class put into the cup with the paper towel the last week we were in school. I wonder when we will get a flower?