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Welcome to Year 1!

We have updated our page now and hope that you find some helpful things on here for 2021-2022.

There is handwriting letter formation lessons, phonics sound practise and maths support on here for you. 

Thank your supporting your child!

The Year One Team 



Please see the following online safety link:

Note to parents re home learning. 

For all writing activities- please do not spell each word out for your child. Please leave them to write as independently as they can - holding their own sentences and writing their ideas. Please say words they cannot spell really slowly and exaggerate the sounds so they can listen and write all the sounds the can hear using their phonics knowledge (including digraphs). Please tell them a few HfW they do not spell correctly as they need to learn and remember these.  

Thank you. 

PowerPoint of blue sounds to help with pronunciation.

PowerPoint of Red sounds to help with pronunciation

Letter formation rhymes

Number Card Games - if your child is off school please read this and choose some fun games to play that really help their understanding of number, parallel to the teaching we will be doing in school.

Once you have completed a Mymaths activity, click on the summary. There is a button that will appear that will ask you to save and close. Please click on this button and it will then update, so that the teachers can see your completed tasks.

This is a good resource for support and ideas for parents to help with reading.

If you want some fun ways to entice your child to do some creative writing ...try these!

PE Challenge Spring Term 


For PE we have set you a challenge to see if you can beat your personal best each week. Click the following link to see a demonstration of each activity:


To record your answers for each exercise please use the following sheet:

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