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Year 4

Year 4 PSHE Coverage Autumn 2

Keeping Myself Safe


Protective Behaviours Lesson 1

Feeling Safe


  • Understand that the behaviours of some people can affect the rights of others
  • Know that with all rights come responsibilities


Protective Behaviours Lesson 2

Feeling Unsafe


  • Understand the difference between a risk on purpose and when something is unsafe
  • Recognise that dares are not always safe
  • Know some ways to say no to dares that feel unsafe and ways to resist peer pressure



Protective Behaviours Lesson 3

Body Awareness


  • Understand the difference between treats, bribes and threats and how to keep themself safe
  • Understand the difference between safe and unsafe secrets and when to tell



Protective Behaviours Lesson 4

Networks and Telling


  • Understand that telling someone about my worries can help me deal with the worries and feel safer
  • Recoginise that different people can help me with different things
  • Know it is important to review our telling networks and know who to talk to


Danger, Risk or Hazard?


  • Define the terms 'danger', 'risk' and 'hazard' and explain the difference between them;
  • Identify situations which are either dangerous, risky or hazardous; 
  • Suggest simple strategies for managing risk.



Picture Wise


  • Identify images that are safe/unsafe to share online; 
  • Know and explain strategies for safe online sharing;
  • Understand and explain the implications of sharing images online without consent.


How Dare You!


  • Define what is meant by the word 'dare'; 
  • Identify from given scenarios which are dares and which are not; 
  • Suggest strategies for managing dares.





  • Understand that medicines are drugs; 
  • Explain safety issues for medicine use; 
  • Suggest alternatives to taking a medicine when unwell; 
  • Suggest strategies for limiting the spread of infectious diseases (e.g. hand-washing routines).



Know the Norms


  • Understand some of the key risks and effects of smoking and drinking alcohol; 
  • Understand that increasing numbers of young people are choosing not to smoke and that not all people drink alcohol (Social Norms theory).